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Continuing Education

Improve your touch by learning how to work on different areas of the body with precision. 

Learn how working "deep" does not mean working hard, and how you can create lasting effects on your clients.  Discover practical ways to incorporate these new techniques and skills into your sessions.


Nancy and Shea have studied under the world-renouned Rolfer, Art Riggs, and have had the opportunity to assist in his Deep Tissue class.  They are excited to now be able to teach his methods in Florida!


Some of the strategies you will learn in this hands-on class include:

  • Proper use of forearms, elbows, knuckes and fists.
  • Learning to work "smarter" and not harder!
  • Use of strokes: Lengthening, shortening and broadening strokes.  How to choose the right application depending upon the tissue you are working on.

In addition, you will learn about:

  • Improving joint mobility through soft tissue work
  • Proper deep tissue techniques for iliopsoas
  • Working with rib restrictions


24 CEUs

Dates:  February 6, 7, 8th

Location:  East West College of Medicine

Sarasota, Florida

Early registration (by January 15th):  $350

Regular registration:  $395






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